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The Berkshire - Coach House

The Berkshire is a coach house that blends marvelous modern simplicity with Old World nostalgia. With a low-peaked roof, a generous allotment of windows, and clean lines throughout, it provides a stylish profile and a comfortable living space in one fell swoop. At 1,288 square feet of floor space, the Berkshire is an ideal home for an individual or a couple, or a well appointed guest quarters. The first floor provides a large workshop or storage unit, while the upstairs is a lovely open-concept living space. The combined kitchen and living room feel airier and more sprawling than its footprint might suggest, while a large bedroom and bathroom round out this tremendously liveable space. Choose the Berkshire and have every one of your needs met in the most stylish of packages.

Discounted price: $640

Hard copy prints, changes to plans, updates to current building code and current bylaws, and site specific site plans are extra in addition to the discounted price.