Residential Design and Drafting

When we provide design and drafting services for our residential clients, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to make dreams come true. Residential design is about getting all the aesthetic details right in order to create a large-scale work of art. But it’s also about creating a maximally strong and secure structure that will save our clients money during the construction phase. Our residential clients know that their Guliker-designed home will be artful and practical, beautiful and secure, unique and cost-effective.

We draft and design single and multi-family dwellings, including (but not limited to):

Our design and drafting process is rooted in building strong relationships with our clients, who are fully empowered to collaborate with us in the design process. Invariably, during this process, we become more than collaborators—we become friends.

First, we pinpoint ‘true needs’

We start out by determining the “WHY” behind a desired project. Surprisingly, that’s not always immediately easy to define. We explore the circumstances, motivations, and objectives of our clients so that we can create a design that truly satisfies your needs.

Then, we design the floor plan

We will draft as many designs as needed until you are completely satisfied, and totally understand what the final product will be.

Next, we design the exterior of the home

During this phase, we use our state-of-the-art visualization tools, like 3-D rendering programs that help you to see and feel the structure we are designing. This eliminates guesswork or confusion prior to breaking ground.

Finally, we create the building plans

We have open minds, celebrate our clients’ ideas, and welcome new possibilities. At this point, the vision fully comes together. We draft a plan for a building that will be constructed at the most reasonable cost, without delays, confusion, or conflict. The end result is nothing short of a vision realized.

Advantages for our Residential Clients

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