Balmoral – 17055

The Balmoral blends Traditional stateliness with forward-thinking contemporary design. With its peaked roofs, clapboard facades, and columned entrance, it recalls family manors nestled in the European countryside. But once you are inside, its open-concept floorplan hits all of high points of a modern lifestyle. The entrance flows into a combined living room, dining room, and kitchen, providing families with a spacious, relaxed zone for togetherness. Upstairs, the large master bedroom and luxurious en suite share the floor with three bedrooms and a bonus room. And if four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms didn’t make the Balmoral an accommodating enough home for large families, it has a separate finished guest suite. This suite reflects the open concept spaciousness of the rest of the home, with a combined kitchen, living room, and dining room, two bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms. For large or multiple families, it is difficult to imagine a more functional or stylish option than the Balmoral. Choose the Balmoral house design today and enjoy the best of both modernity and tradition.

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